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Information on Multiple Topics

So you can get an idea of the subject the first few sencences are written below. To read the full page, follow the link or you can use the buttons at the bottom of each page to navigate through the information. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to see more information on a specific topic. This section is evolving as time allows and people would like further information.

Jewelry care and cleaning

Clean jewelry with a soft dry cloth. Rubbing gently to remove fingerprints and to shine the gemstones and silver. Occasionally clean with warm soapy water, especially if you notice dirt or oils on the stones. Dry jewelry thoroughly with a clean soft towel. Link to more information on jewelry care.

Gemstone care

Your gemstone jewelry comes metaphysically cleaned and programmed for you. However, if you wear your jewelry frequently or are dealing with many emotional or physical problems, your jewelry will need periodical cleansing. Link to more information on gemstone care.


Birthstones bring the person wearing them good luck and fortune. Historical time, history, and regions can determine what gemstones are used as birthstones. If your "modern" stone doesn't appeal to you, look at one of the alternate stones, or find your birth date under zodiac signs. Link to birthstone page.


Chakra is an ancient Sanskrit word, meaning "wheel." The chakras or energy centers of the body, are commonly described as rotating vortices, which draw energy into the body. There are seven primary chakras which vibrate at different frequencies. Link to more information about the chakras and their gemstones.


Charms can be added to almost any design. Charms can be selected by animal, breed of dog, or totem animal. We use .925 sterling silver charms in our designs. Hundreds of charms are available for your use. We have listed examples of charms we have in stock .... Link to list of available charms.


We are surrounded by color all the time. Colors emit energy that affects us emotionally as well as serving as decoration. Although we feel more comfortable with or are attracted to specific colors, all color is good. It is fairly easy to use colors for healing. Link to more information on color.

Elements and Totem Animals

Coming soon

Zodiac Signs

The the life, character, and general health that a person is born under is influenced by their zodiac sign. Each sign has its own characteristic qualities and gemstone affinities. There are differing opinions as to what stones belong to which zodiac sign... Link to more information on the zodiac signs and their stones.

The Mohs Hardness Scale

One of the differences between stones is their degree of hardness. The Mohs scale classifies stones from 1-10 with 1 being the softest and 10 being the hardest. In general we do not use stones softer than 3 as jewelry as they become worn... Link to more information about the Mohs hardness scale.

Metaphysical properties (stones then properties)

Coming soon

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