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Designing Gemstone Jewelry

When creating jewelry, we can utilize more than 50 gemstones and their varieties. The jewelry is made by either stringing gemstone beads onto a wire or setting the beads into a wire link, then putting the links together to form the string. The clasp and other jewelry findings are made of sterling silver. The only base metal used in any of the jewelry items are the fasteners on the hanging strings and collar/ harness tags and the book mark clips and lapel pins themselves.

The advantage of a custom design is that the possibilities are endless. The following is only some of the ideas that can be used to design your jewelry. You can get to more information about the ideas from the Information page or you can go there directly by the links on this page. The charm page will have a list of available dog breeds or totem animals. You will find examples of jewelry designed using these ideas throughout. Don't forget that you can also use a stone just because you like it.

Since it is believed that gemstones have the power to bring harmony and health by affecting the mental, emotional, and physical body, they can be selected based on their attributes when designing jewelry. See the gemstone information page for further information about gemstones and their healing properties.

We make necklaces, dog collars /necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings, dog tags for collar/harness, cell phone tags, lapel stick pins, pendulum ends, and beaded strings for people and animals. Each design is packaged in a zip lock bag, and includes a description of the gemstone's properties.

Please click on the thumbnails below to find examples of our designs on the following pages.

Gemstone Necklace & Dog Collar Designs Gemstone Bracelet Designs Gemstone Earring Designs Gemstone Jewelry String Designs Other Gemstone Jewelry Designs

Dog Collars/Necklaces

Bracelets Earrings Strings Other
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