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Gemstone Information

What are Gemstones?

Life Force Energy is all around us, in the animals, plants, rocks, and minerals. All are connected together by this energy. Since ancient times people have used the gemstones' power of the earth’s energy to heal and bring balance to their lives. Much more than ornamentation, the gemstones had beauty, power and sacred meanings. In more recent years we have harnessed the power of gemstones to run watches, and power ultrasounds, electronic equipment, computers, televisions, watches, and lasers. Crystals can generate, regulate, transmit, receive, reflect, and store electromagnetic energy and light.

History of Gemstone Healing

The use of gemstones for healing is not a "new age" or alternative healing modality. For thousands of years, people have been using gemstones for their the therapeutic effects. Ancient civilizations have left evidence that gemstones were used to heal disease, provide protection, and carried as talismans or amulets. Indian texts, Chinese medical books, Ebers Papyrus, and Biblical scriptures provide descriptions and uses of gemstones. The doctors and scholars from Greece, Rome, and Arabia wrote about the healing power of gemstones and their role in healing. Individuals who wrote texts include:

  • Aristotle
  • Theophrastus
  • Bishop of Regensburg, Albertus Magnus
  • Pliny the Elder
  • Benedictine, Marbod, Bishop of Rennes
  • Abbess, Hildegard von Bingen
  • Paracelsus

As early as the twelfth century Hildegard von Bingen recognized that medicine needed a holistic approach to treat physical and spiritual illnesses. She felt as though disorders could not be separated from environmental influences such as moon phases, poor diet, and bad habits. Gemstones were a component of her treatment plans for healing.

Across the oceans, North and South Native American and Australian Aborigine cultures also used gemstones for healing.

How Gemstones work

Gemstones are the gifts from the earth. Composed of the same minerals that our body, and the diet that nourishes us, is made from. Gemstones are filled with energy and are powerful energy conductors. This energy can be transferred from the gemstones to the body through the electromagnetic field. The energy from the gemstones realign our own (or animal’s) energy to dissolve disease and bring about health and balance.

All natural stones have some healing power. Hundreds of gemstones and crystals, along with their sub-types, are available. The qualities of the gemstones are many and varied (colors, shapes, inclusions, and frequencies) each carrying different vibrations and influences on the body. They increase consciousness, improve lives, decrease stress, and bring healing energies.

Healing with Gemstones

Interest in natural healing methods such as acupuncture, aromatherapy, crystal/gemstone therapy, herbs, and homeopathy is growing. Gemstones are powerful healing tools used to heal holistically, treating the whole person – on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. One definition of health is to be in a state of physical, mental, and social well-being.

Your belief in gemstones' ability to heal is not a prerequisite for their use. However, people who are more sensitive and animals will see results sooner and more intensely. Healing gemstones can work slowly and subtly. Sometimes only by looking back can you tell that change is happening.

In addition to studying the properties of gemstones, gemstone therapy is an intuitive process. By working with the healing aspects of gemstones, jewelry can be made specifically for an individual's needs. Jewelry can then be based on healing properties not just beauty.

As a reminder, gemstones are not to be used in place of medical treatment but along with it. Please follow your physician's treatment, then use gemstones to aid in healing.

Selecting Gemstones

Healing stones need to be natural gemstones as free as possible from dyes, bleach, coating, or other enhancements. Such enhancements can interfere or block the effectiveness of the gemstones. Synthetic stones can not be used for healing as they do not contain the earth's energy.

Gemstones have properties that attract, heal, protect, and/or enhance. Gemstones can influence every aspect of your life when properly selected, cleaned, cared for, and used correctly. Since gemstones have the power to bring harmony and health by affecting the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical body, they can be selected based on their attributes. When selecting gemstones to treat the symptoms of illness, you need to know and treat the cause as well. Gemstone can:

  • Bring positive attributes such as abundance, calmness, energy, encouragement, and focus.
  • Influence emotional issues such as anxiety, depression, fear, and stress.
  • Impact physical problems in any of the body systems such as digestive, respiratory, or immune.

Since people are naturally attracted to those stones which they need in their life at the moment, have the purpose for the gemstones in mind when selecting them for your jewelry.

Sometimes gemstones choose to move on to another person or take a vacation by getting lost. If this happens, you may no longer need the influence of that/those particular stones in your life right now. If you have an urge to pass your jewelry on to another person, remember to cleanse it first. Directions can be found on the gemstone care page linked below.


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